Social Media Ad Copy

Shamrock Rovers Season Ticket

Facebook Ad

The target reader for this copy is a supporter of Shamrock Rovers who regularly attends matches and has been considering purchasing a season ticket. Therefore s/he is extremely product aware.

The idea behind this copy is to push Shamrock Rovers supporters towards buying a season ticket.

The offer is the opportunity to buy a ticket guaranteeing the supporter's place for all games played in the 2023 season.

The call-to-action is to buy a season ticket.

This copy is for the Shamrock Rovers Facebook page.

The Italian Wedding Planners Newsletter

Facebook Ad

The target reader for this copy is a bride who has decided to get married in Italy and is looking for help planning. She is at the very start of the planning process so is at the problem aware stage.

The idea behind this copy is that the newsletters and particularly the guide will provide everything she needs to plan her perfect Italian wedding.

The offer is to get a free guide to weddings in Italy in return for signing up for newsletters which will also help her plan her Italian wedding.

The call-to-action is to sign up to the newsletter.

This copy is for The Italian Wedding Planners Facebook page.