Most copywriters suck at marketing

Andrew McDonald

5/25/20231 min read

They know how to write copy. Some of them even know how to write copy that sells.

For OTHER PEOPLE’S businesses.

But when it comes to their own?


They make Joey Tribbiani look a cert for MENSA.

You see, they study and study and, umm, study how to make sales for other people.

And neglect to learn how to do it for themselves.

Most pick up a few tips about cold emailing. Then batter themselves half to death sending out dozens of cold pitches a day.

Or do the same on platforms like Upwork.

Not that those things don’t work. But they’re rarely the most effective or efficient methods.

I know because I was one of them. I tapped away at my keyboard until my fingers bled. And I got clients. Some high-paying ones, too. And with big profiles. Like billion dollar multinational retail giants.

I'm still doing it. At least while I finalise everything in my new approach.

But there are other ways. Enjoyable methods. Which are much more efficient and effective.

They require a lot of graft. Even more than cold email or freelancer platforms. At least, at the start.

But once set up, they release you from drudgery.

They'll always need some level of work. Sorry kids, plug-and-play options don't exist.

And there are never any guarantees. Not with any method.

But there are ways of achieving the same goals while having fun.

Where did I learn all this? From one of the world’s greatest copywriters.

All will be revealed tomorrow.