Andrew McDonald

Innovative copywriting infused with old-school values

Complaints of flakiness abound in this industry. Some people excuse things like lateness and going AWOL as being part of a creative professional's lifestyle. I don't.

Expecting a copywriter to turn up on time, submit great work before deadline and be a pleasure to work with is never too much to ask. You'd demand it of anyone in any other industry, why not in the creative field?

I've worked in enough fast-paced, demanding environments to know the value of dependability. Retail, training, NFPs, hospitality, I've been there. Managerial experience has also taught me I need people I can trust. I expect the same of myself too.

Punchy, strong and intensely effective copy, just like a quality espresso? Yes.

Excuses and lack of professionalism? No.

When you hire me, you get someone you can trust to do the work when you need it, how you need it. No chasing. Just the knowledge that you're in the hands of someone who prides himself on meeting your expectations - every time.